Photo & Edit by Minyoung Lee

Andrew Han

I found my love with a camera through dance. Filming music videos and being in portraits inspired me to be the one behind the lens. I started proffessionally doing film and photography 1 year ago as part of a job at the Children's Museum. I pursued these passions further outside of work and began shooting videos for dancers and photos for my friends. 

I began to really enjoy shooting portraits with my friends. The most rewarding thing about it was hearing how good my friends thought they looked in the photos. After showing them a few photos from my camera you could see them shed away any shyness they had and become more confident with themselves as the shoot progressed. It's so amazing to see how taking portraits of someone can affect them so positively. I only hope to further use my passion to positively affect the lives of the many people I will encounter. As cliche as this sounds I literally do this for the joy it has on me and those around me.

Photography and film making are my tools to shape a better world, what are yours?

Photo and Edit by Minyoung Lee

Photo and Edit by Minyoung Lee